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Features you'll love

Rejuvenate your revenue cycle

Automated claim status, 835 CAS code abstraction and a live grading system that analyzes your revenue cycle. These are just a few of the many tools that GoRev provides to boost your efficiency and your revenue.
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Keep your data with ease

With FTP/SFTP and direct TCP/IP capabilities there are very few HL7 interfaces we are unable to work with and our turnaround time will make your jaw drop. We also employ a proprietary flat data interface system, allowing you to import your data through CSV, Excel, XML or a SQL file.
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Gain critical insight

An extensive library of reports, along with graphs and an incredibly powerful grading system gives you the insight and tools for success. Our in-house team of data analysts are also ready to assist with any custom reports you may need. Most of the time these are provided free of charge.
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Streamline clinical duties

GoRev is equipped with express registration, a full scheduling module, real-time eligibility, electronic patient outreach campaigns, and bar-code charge capture. These tools will streamline your front end, improve user experience, and optimize your revenue cycle performance.
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What sets us apart?

Active Development

Constantly evolving technology and healthcare regulation means that GoRev never stops improving. Our development team is hard at work, every day, to bring you new features and fulfill ever changing industry regulations.

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Powerful Performance

Lightning fast searching, instant data abstraction and sub second loading times. This coupled with the fact you can use GoRev anywhere means your workforce is efficient whether working from the office or at home.

Customer Service

Emergency rooms and urgent care facilities cannot wait until "work hours" to receive support. Our support professionals are available 24/7/365. And we guarantee you will speak to a human being, not a robot.

Our friends

Proud sponsors of TAFEC

Advocating for fair regulation and statewide awareness of freestanding emergency centers as a high quality, accessible emergency medical care option.