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The Micro-Hospital Multi-Tool Software

The GoRev platform has all the tools you need to successfully manage a Micro-Hospital. From patient scheduling and admissions to Claim submission and denial follow-up, GoRev has it covered!

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GoRev the All-In-One Solution

Software built for today's healthcare industry

The Micro-Hospital concept is rapidly gaining traction across America. It comes as no surprise,
of course, as it is a great way to better serve our community’s ever-growing healthcare
needs. While these facilities may be smaller in stature, they still face many of the
same challenges as larger hospitals but are forced to manage them with much smaller
budgets. In this day and age, managing these complex processes comes down to technology.
That’s where GoRev comes in.

GoRev enables you to run nearly every Micro-Hospital process, all on a single software system.
You no longer need a software for registration, and another for laboratory, and another for
radiology, and another for RCM. That’s right, GoRev manages ALL of these and more!

Features List.

Patient Registration

Powerful Front-end that has all the tools to make your registration and requisitions a snap.

Explosive charging

One click to streamline your charge capture processes.

Revenue Integrity System

Automated charging and reconciling processes.


Flexible, customizable inbound and outbound capabilities that allows you to work with other systems.

Patient & Physician Portals

Patient registration, scheduling, requisitions, and results are all completed and delivered via our secure portals.

Laboratory Information System

An LIMS that will satisfy all needs of a laboratory with a highly comprehensive set of tools.

Revenue Cycle Management

Ensure you are reimbursed quickly and easily.


Helping you gain a deeper understanding of your business.

Charge Capture

Our barcode scanning technology saves you time and increases your revenue.

Radiology Information System

Create radiology orders in a simple, skillful manner.


It has never been easier for your patients to pay their bills.

State Reporting

GoRev makes state reporting a snap.

Patient Registration

GoRev’s front end a is highly comprehensive set of tools designed to make patient data acquisition and lab ordering easy. Adding new offices/practices is a snap and the learning curve for employees to get started is measured in minutes, not days.


Acquisition of patient data in GoRev’s intake module is breeze with our pre-registration portal, auto-completion, and enterprise-wide searching tool capabilities. When you combined that with digital form completion and custom form print services you will be able to maximize the efficiency of your registration team while minimizing the wait for the patient.

Pre-Registration Portal

With our client customized pre-registration portal your patients will be able to register and show up in GoRev automatically from their mobile phone, tablet, or laptop. Patients will also be able to take a photo copy of their IDs, insurance cards, and complete registration packets that will then be automatically uploaded into GoRev upon check-i

Advanced Searching

Returning patient? Patient was seen as an affiliated location? If yes, GoRev has you covered. With just a few clicks GoRev can complete the registration of a returning patient, including their full contact details and most recent insurance information.

Digital Forms

Go green with GoRev! GoRev has made a concerted effort to minimize the mountains of paper used every day in a hospital. The GoRev pre-registration portal will allow your patient to view, edit, and sign your facility’s forms before they even make it into the facility!

Print Services

GoRev makes generating patient forms a breeze with our scalable print services tools. Forms can be pre-populated with the patients’ data speeding up the intake process and reducing errors.


GoRev scheduling is also 100% integrated. Scheduling appointments, checking eligibility, logging authorizations, capturing patient information, and printing face sheets are managed efficiently, enabling a well-oiled front-end process.

Real Time Eligibility

You no longer need to call providers to retrieve your patients' insurance information. Simply go to GoRev's eligibility section and click "Run Eligibility" to see coverage status, co-insurance, and more!

Merchant Services

Enable your device to work directly with GoRev. Credit card readers take the pain out of manually entering in information, keeping patient payment process flowing.

Contactless Experience
Contactless Experience
Contactless Experience
Contactless Experience

Patient & Physician Portals

GoRev’s HIPAA-compliant Patient & Physician Portal simplifies how you connect with your customers and promotes a strong customer service experience with increased patient satisfaction. Patients can log in to view their results as well as making payment for services. For COVID-19 testing centers, patient registration, scheduling, requisitions, and results are all completed and delivered via our secure patient portal.

The GoRev Physician Portal allows your clients to securely view all ordered tests as well as download results individually, or even in bulk. Simple, but effective solutions like this are key to keeping transparency in your client relationships.

Charge Capture

We know that charge capture is an integral and often forgotten part of the revenue cycle. Charging and reconciling services for every encounter which are often unique, can be a monumental task.

Our barcode scanning technology saves you time and increases your revenue. GoRev can create 'Charge Books' that will assign bar codes to your inventory so your staff can charge items quickly and accurately.

We employ automation and hardware to combat this very common weak point of most facilities so that missed charges aren't affecting your bottom line.

Charge Capture
Charge Capture
Charge Capture
Preference Card
Preference Card
Explosive Charges

Explosive Charging & Preference Cards

GoRev allows you to charge entire groups of items with just one scan or a few clicks. This can significantly streamline your charge capture processes, all while capturing more charges than you ever have before.

Most facilities have many commonly performed procedures. With our preference card system, you can create a template for each procedure assigning all the necessary materials and charges, along with notes every time.

Laboratory Information System

GoRev brings enterprise-level functionality to a cost-effective Laboratory Information System. Features developed as a result of direct input from our clients give our solution a unique advantage over competitors. GoRev’s tools were designed to make your laboratory more profitable by automating many of the processes that traditionally consume employee hours.

Accessioning And Order Management

From the clinical collection point until it arrives at the laboratory, you will be able to track specimen logistics. With GoRev’s unique barcode check-in, check-out tracking system, your staff will know what has been collected, what is in transit and what has arrived at your lab.

Result Integration and Management

GoRev supports integration with most TCP/IP, RS-232 serial and file level interfaces, supporting file formats including API, HL7, X12, XML, PDF, Flat File, and ASTM. Additionally, the GoRev LIMS supports unidirectional and bi-directional instrument integration, allowing your instruments to receive orders from the GoRev LIMS and report results back, thus speeding up the turnaround time and delivery of results.

Granular Control Of Test Results

In the GoRev LIMS results window, simply click into a result and you can edit each individual test. You will quickly see color coded alerts such as critical high/lows as well as identify tests needing additional clinical range configuration. Need to delete a test and re-run? Simply click the toggle and re-run the specimen on your device or manually enter the test.

Customized Results

Tired of the boring, cookie-cutter lab result templates? So are we! This is why we developed a hyper-customizable lab result template design system. We offer some great standard templates and we can even customize from there.

Comprehensive Delivery

We cover all HIPAA compliant means of results delivery via our Customer & Client Portals, with e-mail, fax, and SMS notification. Our system will automatically transmit results to your client or patients, this ensures the quickest turnaround and highest client and patient rates of satisfaction.

An Easier QC Process

Confidently meet regulatory and reporting standards with the GoRev LIMS QC module. Everything from tracking QC testing material lot effective dates to automatic calculation of mean and standard deviation – just got a lot easier! With QC Management featuring configurable QC rules and automatic Levey-Jennings charts, the GoRev LIMS will remove a large part of this burden from your team's workload.

Radiology Information System

Our radiology module allows you to view and create radiology orders in a simple, skillful manner. Our RIS is backed by an advanced interfacing engine that supports TCP/IP, SFTP, and API protocols. This functionality allows you to avoid the redundancies that occur between working with multiple systems and allows you staff to work on what is important, the patient.

Revenue Integrity System

After many RCM audits, one thing became clear. Most healthcare organizations struggle with thorough charge capture and that results in millions of lost dollars. We made this our focus early on and developed automated charging and reconciling processes to ensure accurate charge capture and in turn, increased revenue.

Revenue Cycle Management

GoRev has a reputation as being a top software on the market when it comes to Revenue Cycle Management. With the GoRev system, every module is connected and accessible throughout the GoRev interface. This includes the RCM/billing module. By having RCM as an integrated piece of your micro-hospital, you form an end-to-end system that assures data integrity and profit maximization. No more working in multiple systems, no more missing charges!


Generating clean and accurate claims is important to every revenue cycle. GoRev provides automatic notification of adjustment reason codes if a claim is denied, so your billers can fix claims swiftly and efficiently.


Through automated 835 posting processes and the ability to view your entire batch before finalizing, GoRev makes the posting process quick, accurate, and manageable.


An effective employee workflow system maintains organization throughout your workforce. GoRev workflow puts the patients that are relevant to that employee in one area and from there you can navigate through all of GoRev. If a claim is denied, it will be sent back to a billing specialist workflow stating the reason behind that denial. If a claim is missing insurance, it will go back to registration.


GoRev's Coding Module is designed and developed to keep workflow moving smoothly and seamlessly. Our Coding Assistant feature ensures convenient and accurate application of codes, and hot keys keep things moving at warp speed. With quick and easy access to all relevant information to code encounters, you could say our Coding Module is a one-stop shop for your coding team!

Patient Financials

Drop the pressure of the unknown and take control of each claim in your patient responsibility department. Advanced reporting allows a manager to view, in real-time, all aspects of their accounts receivable.

Denial Management

Through automatic consumption of adjustment reason codes on electronic EOBs and electronic claim status (coming soon), GoRev gives you a claim by claim worklist of everything denied.

E-Statement Examples


It has never been easier for your patients to pay their bills. Reduced payment timeframes result from increased patient payments thanks to e-mail and SMS text statement delivery. We provide a 21st century experience when it comes to collecting patient payments!

Delivered Securely - Through e-mail and SMS text statement delivery, it has never been easier for your patients to pay their bills. Security is one of our top priorities and both methodologies are secured beyond standard HIPAA requirements. GoRev is also SOC II certified and continues to invest heavily in security infrastructure.

Custom Tailored To You – We have created 3 uniquely beautiful statement templates to choose from. Simply choose one and we’ll customize it with your own branding.

Automated Persistence - The GoRev E-Statements feature offers custom route timing. As an example, first you send a statement 7 days after discharge, then 2 days after payment posting, then it sends a text 4 days later reminding the patient of the emailed statement, and from there it begins sending a reminder text and email every 14 days thereafter.

This level of automated persistence ultimately yields higher revenues, and that is a great thing for your organization! The system can even revert to paper statements should a patient not open an e-statement contact and view it within a certain threshold of time.


The GoRev interface engine creates end-to-end interoperability, enabling GoRev to connect to your third-party services with ease. Using brand new technology, GoRev has the ability to connect insanely fast with complete transparency of your data! Our goal is to get all your data in the same place as quickly and accurately as possible. We use each experience as a way for us to build faster, more efficient interfacing.
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Supported Formats

The interface engine supports all file formats, including API, HL7, X12, XML, PDF, Flat File, and ASTM. We are up to date with the industry standard in regard to HL7 message types. ADT, DFT, ORM, ORU, SIU, etc.

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Flat Data

Importing your data is a snap with our incredibly flexible system. GoRev is able to import SQL data, excel, csv, xml, and most file type.

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File Management

Import records directly into a patient’s account through our file management interface. We can work with share folders and FTP sources to bring data directly into our system.


Healthcare information flows through at such a rapid pace that it becomes increasingly difficult to manage all your day-to-day information. In a constantly evolving industry, GoRev continues to develop financial and clinical reporting that is accurate, informative and at your fingertips.

Equipped with an extensive library of standard reports coupled with an in-house data analytics staff, we aim to provide you with all the tools necessary to make rapid, yet informed decisions.

Advanced Reporting & Analytics
Advanced Reporting & Analytics

State Reporting

State reporting is common in the Micro-hospital space, and in most cases a requirement. For example, in the State of Texas, Micro-hospitals are required to submit quarterly reports to THCIC. We found that the majority of our clients were struggling thru this process manually and the labor costs were adding up. We worked to create a means of creating the reporting data inside of GoRev and exporting it in a format that was ready for state submission. In some cases, we even built an interface with the state entity so that transmission of the data was automated. GoRev makes state reporting a snap and has saved countless hours and dollars!

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